A Brief History of The Hunting Horn Jeweler
and its founder, George Wood.

"Quality without Question"
Always Made in the USA

Established in 1986, Hunting Horn is dedicated to creating the very finest in design and workmanship in dog breed jewelry.   Our exclusive enamels are collected world wide.  You can read a brief description HERE.

From 1986 until his unexpected death in 2005, George Wood developed Hunting Horn jewelry, beginning with a single small case of gold designs at dog shows.

George developed his dog designs with breeders and professional handlers for many years, creating distinctive dog jewelry in over 90 breeds.  These molds are the basis of the business today, and have a very unique and instantly recognizable look. 

George's original vision was to create dogs in gold that are as much like the living dogs as possible. So each Hunting Horn gold dog is a "mini sculpture".  Most will stand upright.


I had the opportunity to work with George for several years, representing the company at National Specialty shows while developing and maintaining the Hunting Horn web site.  George was unforgettable, and his fun loving personality is missed by many customers and exhibitors.

Today, George's designs, and many new and one of a kind pieces, are available only from The Hunting Horn Jeweler; you can find our booth at the Westminster dog show in New York City, the AKC Eukanuba Invitational in Florida, the Montgomery County Terrier Weekend and at other selected shows each year.

Each piece of jewelry is cast and hand-finished by our professional jeweler here in the USA. All precious gems are hand-set.

The result is jewelry exhibiting the flawless beauty that is created only by master craftsmen. Using 14K and 18K Gold and Sterling Silver, our pieces are created one at a time, using the finest of materials and with the closest attention to detail.

This craftsmanship does take time. So our delivery is about 5 weeks from order placement to completion, 7 weeks for our Signature Enamels.  However, we do keep many items in stock. Please email if you need an item at once, or call me at 203-733-2793.  If we do not have your item, we'll make every attempt to meet your deadline with a special order.

We owe our success to our loyal customers who provide over 70% of our current business. We strive to be not only #1 in sales, but also #1 in quality and #1 in customer satisfaction. Our guarantee is as good as our gold.

Please never hesitate to contact me with a question or request.

Owners, Kathy Norris and Helmut Erhardt
New Bern NC, 203-733-2793